Thai Yoga Massage is the ancient healing art of Thailand, rooted in the lineages of Yoga, Ayurveda and Buddhism. Thai Yoga Massage combines the traditions of acupressure, energy work, assisted stretching and meditation. It lays the foundation for compassionate touch, receptivity and communication. The receiver remains fully clothed and the session occurs on a Thai Massage mat on the floor. Often called “the lazy man’s yoga” you will receive all the benefits of a yoga practice, without the work!

Kimberly offers private sessions of Thai Yoga Therapy/ Assisted Stretching.

A referral is needed for new clients.

As a teacher of this beautiful practice, Kimberly shares the art of giving and receiving. Yoga Teachers especially will find benefit in developing this practice, learning to approach student’s bodies with metta and compassion, increasing ability to give hands-on adjustments and assists. YTT 200 & 500 Yoga Teacher Trainings can offer “Hands on Adjustments from a Thai Yoga Massage Perspective” with Kimberly as part of their offerings.

To book a Thai Yoga Therapy session with Kimberly (referral needed for new clients), OR to book a Thai Yoga Massage workshop or Hands-on Adjustments from a Thai Yoga Massage Perspective workshop for your studio, contact Kimberly.